Watch Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017 Free!


With the NHL’s 2017 playoff season starting recently many fans in Canada, the United States, and around the world, have been looking for reliable sites to live stream games.

Are you wondering how to stream NHL playoff games for free in your country? Do you live in Canada or the U.S and want to watch NHL games that are blacked out in your area for free?

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Is Putlocker9 The Real Putlocker?


Now that Putlocker has been serving malicious content for nearly two weeks, many copy cat site’s have been popping up to take advantage of the situation.

A few days back familar clone site Putlocker9 resurfaced, once again claiming that they are the real Putlocker, which is far from the truth.

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Orange Is The New Black: Season 5 First Look!

Orange Is The New Black returns in just under two months, and to get fans excited Netflix has just released the official first look at season 5.

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How To Block American ISPs From Tracking You!


Are you trying to surf the internet privately without suffering from things like ISP tracking and government website blocks? Now more then ever it’s important to ensure all of your information and internet traffic remains completely private online.

With Trump sealing the deal to allow American ISPs to legally collect and sell your browsing history and other information to third parties, it’s crucial you re-evaluate what you are doing to stay safe on the internet.

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How To Stay Private Online?


With news out about the Trump administration’s decision to repeal the internet privacy law put into place by Obama last year, it’s critical to know how this effects you and how much of your information is now available to your internet service provider.

If you currently live in the United States, your Internet service provider can now legally collect and sell your private data, including everything down to your browsing history, without your approval.

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This Week on Xbox: April 7th 2017!

The most exciting news featured in This Week On Xbox include lots of new details on Project Scorpio, information on the release of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, and new Backward Compatibility titles. The video also talks about the Xbox Spring Sale and much more.

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What Is Going On With Putlocker?


Popular online streaming destination Putlocker has been going through a wide range of troubles this passed week, leaving many daily visitors wondering exactly what is going on.

Although the site is still accessible, starting last week Putlocker stopped adding new videos to the site.

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April 2017 Playstation Plus Games!

Are you a new or current Playstation Plus subscriber wondering what’s coming to the service this month? April 2017’s Playstation Plus games have arrived and here’s what you can expect from the full lineup.

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