Top Torrent Sites To Use After ExtraTorrent Shutdown!

The recent shutdown of ExtraTorrent, the second largest torrent site on the entire internet, has left pirates scrambling to find reliable sources to download from.

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Is The Real ExtraTorrent?

Now that ExtraTorrent has been shut down for over a week, as expected many copy cat site’s have popped up to try and take advantage of the situation.

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June 2017 Games With Gold Lineup!

Hey everyone, its that time of month again! June 2017’s free Games with Gold games have arrived and here’s what you can expect from your subscription this upcoming month.

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What’s Coming To and Leaving Netflix In June 2017!

It’s that time of month again when EverydayElectronics & Netflix In The News bring you the latest TV shows & movies coming to and leaving Netflix.

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix this month? Want to watch your favourite show one last time before it gets removed? With so many people subscribed to Netflix now days, it’s important to know exactly what titles are coming and going to get the most out of your subscription.

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FameRTs 38K Giveaway!

EverydayElectronics & FameRTs would like to take the time to personally thank each and everyone of our viewers and followers for helping us come close to our goal of 38,000 followers on twitter.

To celebrate reaching this milestone, we will be doing a twitter giveaway draw that features up to 6 lucky winners!

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Best VPNs To Use In United Kingdom!

Do you live in the U.K. and believe it’s your right to access an internet without borders and restrictions? Have you been facing ISP monitoring or website blocks? With the recent WannaCry malware attacks circulating the globe, and other large scale security breaches in the news, EverydayElectronics recommends using a VPN to stay protected and to access a fully unrestricted internet.

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ExtraTorrent Unexpectedly Shuts Down!

Popular torrenting site ExtraTorrent has unexpectedly shutdown yesterday, marking the end of another well known name in the pirating community.

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Bell Customer’s Information Exposed!

EverydayElectronics would like to warn our users of a another scam that recently took place, this time impacting over 1.9 million Bell Canada customers.

Have you recently received a phone call, or an email from Bell with the tagline: ”Security Alert / Alerte de sécurité.”

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House of Cards: A Message From the Underwood Administration!

House of Cards returns exclusively on Netflix May 30th/2017.

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